Kotobukiya Batman Arkham City – Arrived Today

We received stock of the new Batman Arkham City ARTFX Statue from Kotobukiya. $59.98


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 Where do you buy your comics?

We are currently operating our comic book department as a subscription service.

A minimum of 5 titles can get you 5% off and depending on your monthly volume you can receive up to 25% off Canadian cover price.

As a subscriber, this also qualifies you for discounts on related merchandise offered by Diamond Comics Distributors and collecting supplies (bags, boards & boxes).

Bring in your pull list to the store or email it to us : cavecomics@rogers.com and see how much you can save and enjoy the convenience of our subscription service!


Since 2011, this is our current business model for our Cave Comics Department.
Recognizing changes in the Comic Book market and the devaluation of (most) comic books printed since the mid-1980s, we are going to focus on our SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE, endevouring to supply ONLY comics and related merchandise that are SPECIFICALLY ORDERED by our customers. we will be ELIMINATING our back issues and will not be stocking toys, action figures etc. UNLESS THEY ARE ORDERED SPECIFICALLY.
This is in acknowledgement that the collecting and reading of comics books is declining (in our store anyways) and that we do not experience enough volume of new enthusiasts or walk in collectors in our current location.
We were the first store (that we are aware of) that combined Hobbies and Comic Book collecting, starting back in 1986. We were initially sponsored by the iconic Arthur’s Comic Book Store (where the Silver Snail is currently).
We still feel the two past-times are a good product mix and we will do our best to react to changes in the Comic Book market.

JUNE 2011
ALL our backstocks of comics and merchandise have been sold as a lot.
At this juncture, we will continue to offer GRAB BAGS of comics and will stock trade paperbacks and purchase back issues etc. that are of interest to us and our existing clientele.

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Every Saturday, in the events space of the store. 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Some events require purchase of sealed booster packs.
Check out the events calendar in the games area of the store!

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